Why Photography is Important to Me

Although I have an about page, I'd like to give you a more in-depth introduction so that you can get to know me a little better. 

The Basics

My name is Rose Waldeier. I'm 26 years old. I am a first grade teacher at North Harrison Elementary, where I enjoy a great working environment with truly amazing students. My husband and I live in Harrison County, Missouri, not far from the town where we grew up and near to nearly all our immediate family. 

I grew up in Decatur County, Iowa. We lived in a farm house 13 miles away from the nearest town, and I loved it. After a long day at school and work, it was nice to retreat to the quiet of the country. We lived only a few miles away from Nine Eagles State Park where we spent many summer evenings swimming in the lake and many winter days walking the perimeter of the frozen lake. Nine Eagles continues to be one of my favorite locations to shoot.

How I Got Started

Although I was required to take some photos in college, they were never very good and I didn't pursue photography much after I graduated. 

My now-husband has a lot of hobbies and interests, and while we were engaged, he became interested in photography. He purchase a DSLR, accumulated some lenses, and even experimented with film at one point. I was supportive, and slightly interested at first, but nothing much more.

As time went on, my curiosity grew. When we moved back to our hometown, I started playing around a little bit and realized that I LOVED taking photos. 

Why Photography is Important to Me

To be honest, I used to be somewhat critical of those who always lived behind the camera. I used to think, "why are they living life behind their lens when they could be fully engaged with the world around them?!". When I started taking photos more and more, however, I realized that I was forced to be even more engaged with my surroundings to capture the best image. Photography makes me want to be more involved with the people and environment that surround me.

I am also passionate about a great portrait. There is almost no better way to capture the ones you love than a carefully-considered, well composed portrait. I believe in the power of a good portrait and how it can reveal the true beauty of its subject in a more meaningful way than a quickly-captured selfie. 

Photography, like all forms of art, is a wonderful way to enrich the life you already have. It's important to me that you and your loved ones are captured in a meaningful way that will reflect them with honesty and compassion.