Get Inspired

“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -- Jack London

For many, it's so easy to get stuck in the route of complacency, even laziness, not because of a lack of talent or work ethic, but fear - a fear of not reaching perfection. If you are currently in a rut, professionally or personally, here are three ways to help you get up and go.

1. Just Start

Do you need to clean your kitchen? Do you need to lose 20 lbs? Do you have a creative itch that you're afraid to scratch for fear that your creation won't be perfect?Take the first step. Walk in the direction of the kitchen. Tell yourself that you'll only clean one dish. It's likely that you'll realize the it's not so difficult to clean just one, and soon you'll be cleaning the counter tops and tabletops. 

If you need to lose weight, take a step out of the door, and walk to the mailbox, down the road, or around the block. Just start! 

If you have a creative itch, if you know that you are capable of creating something of worth, beauty, and substance, take the first step- create! Write a sentence. Put pencil to paper. Doodle. Sketch. Take a photo with your phone. 

Execution beats obsessive planning nearly every time.


2. Find Balance

Start small. Think big.

"I will draw one picture, every day, for the next five days". This is manageable. 
"I will walk once around the block, every day, for the next five days". This is manageable.
"I will vacuum one room, every day, for the next five days". This is manageable.

"I will fill a sketchbook with amazing ideas in two hours". This is not manageable.
"I will run the local half-marathon next weekend, even though I've just started training". This is not manageable.
"I will transform this house, inside and out, this weekend". This is not manageable.

You should have dreams, and they should turn into goals. Be gentle with yourself, and ease yourself into your potential. It works out so much better that way.

3. Positive Thinking

No one can have a Kimmy Schmidt world view all the time - that only exists on Netflix - but you should be surrounded by supportive individuals the majority of your day. You deserve to have a support group, and others will thrive off of your positive outlook.

 It can be difficult to completely clear your life of negative people, especially if they are colleagues or family. At the least, make sure the supportive people in your life outnumber the negative. If your situation becomes toxic, seriously consider options available to you that will allow you to find a better position. If you situation is abusive, seek help immediately.


With execution, balance, and a positive outlook, your life can change for the better. You live only once. Give yourself the tools to succeed.