A Letter to Myself: Approaching the New Year

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, I'm on the fence. Sure, it's nice to map out in detail specific goals you'd like to achieve. On the other hand, why wait until the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve? Each new moment can be a time to make a change.

So, instead of writing out an itemized list of achievements for 2017, what if we write letters to ourselves one year from now? It has the same charm of a time capsule, but we only have to wait one year, and it's a softer approach than conquering a to-do list.

Here's mine:

Dear future Rose,

I'm proud of what you have accomplished in 2016. You set some goals, albeit small, and met them. That doesn't mean every pursuit was a success, but you're doing a better job of looking at mistakes as an opportunity to improve instead of a reason to feel sorry for yourself. Keep it up!

This year, I hope you work toward your goals with consistency. I hope that you continue to try and make health a priority. I hope that when you make mistakes you are more gentle with yourself.  I hope that you learn to take criticism better. I hope that you practice the art of listening, as opposed to the art of waiting for the other person to finish speaking so you can reply. Do this with everyone, from your students, to your family, or to strangers.

Continue to appreciate the wonderful life you've been given. Remember that the small things are really the big things. Take risks, and when you do -- bring your camera! If you think you'd like to take pictures of something, don't leave your camera at home! Capture some awesome moments.

Stay consistent. Work hard. Try to be better.

Best of luck,


I'd like to extend the invitation for you to write a letter to yourself a year from now. You don't have to share it, but if you feel comfortable sharing leave a comment below. 

Happy New Year!